Trying out my new Betitay meat grinder and sausage stuffer

I got so inspired by the story of this young LA student and his success as a chorizo maker that immediately after viewing this YouTube video, I went to Amazon and searched for a cheap meat grinder so I can try make chorizo myself lol. I found this machine called Betitay and it has this Amazon Choice seal, so I decided to buy it. Right now, the chorizo I just made last night is out drying in the sun as part of its curing process. The next step would be to smoke it for at least 3 hours before packing it. I found a recipe online and made some adjustments and added a couple more spices. It is called Cebu Chorizo which is dry cured and smoked.  It is less sweet than the ones you find at the local Filipino store and didn’t add food color so it is not red but yellow due to the turmeric that I added. I am posting a video of myself using the machine. It is my first time to use this trying to get acquainted with it so you’ll see me struggling a bit with the stuffing part, but it turned out well and I was able to make 4 pounds of chorizo. The recipe from which I based my own recipe can be found here  <—-click

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