Kusina ni Kuya Macky

I am deeply passionate about Filipino food and desires to bring this wonderful cuisine to mainstream America, for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. I hope to move Filipino cuisine to a notch higher in the local gastronomic scene by creating this differently as more than the all too familiar Filipino food–adobo, pancit and lumpia.Kuya Macky Logo

Filipino fusion food!  The word fusion does not necessarily mean that the dishes I create are fused with another country’s cuisine. It is more about bringing together regional Filipino cuisines, resulting in a unique and interesting blend of flavors not usually experienced by Filipinos themselves, and hopefully, non-Filipinos would be able to appreciate as well.

I experiment with spices and mixes from other Asian countries. One thing I love about Los Angeles is its rich cultural diversity with a very strong Asian presence.  Because of this, spices from all regions in Asia are readily available. This allows me to experiment and come up with Filipino dishes with hints of Asian flavors and colors.

I also spend a lot of time baking and currently working on improving my line-up of favorite Filipino baked desserts that are also uniquely different. The Tres Leches Custard Chiffon is obviously a mix of the Filipino-adapted American cake dessert and the all-time favorite Mexican dessert. The Ube Cheesecake and Ube Macapuno Layer Cake is a personal favorite.

On days when I am not doing photography, I am deep at work at the Chef’s Kitchen, a culinary incubator for chefs and cooks, experimenting and concocting delectable foods which may someday find it’s way to your favorite grocery store and supermarkets.

I am also offering catering services and accepting food orders. For inquiries, please email me at mackydoods@yahoo.com.

P.S. Do you have a recipe in mind that you wish to test and experiment on but dont have the equipment and space you need? Do you wish to sell at your local farmers market but dont have the necessary permits and license to do so. I can help you. I welcome fellow cooking and baking afficionados to collaborate or work with me in my rented commercial kitchen space at the Chef’s Kitchen along Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles. This is your chance to get that commercial kitchen experience and see and feel how it is to work as a chef or a baker. Email me for inquiries at mackydoods@yahoo.com.


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