Filipino Food by Kuya Macky

Filipino Food (1)


By Kuya Macky


My Signature Dishes  

 Chili Crabs


Dinuguang Sisig

 My Specialties (S/M/L Trays)

Arroz Valenciana (mix meats and seafood)

Callos (beef tripe and tendon)

Kare-Kare (ox tail and tripe)

Sisig (pork cheeks, ears and liver)

Dinuguan (pork belly)

Bulalo (beef shank)

Cansi (beef shank)

Bistek tagalog (flank steak)

Bam-i (seafood and chicken)

Pancit canton

Lechon manok

Humba (pork knuckles)

Chicharung balat ng bangus/tuna (bangus and tuna skin)

Lechon pork belly

Lechon kawali

Sinigang (pork knuckles, fish, shrimps)

Crispy deep-fried silverfish

Tortang dulong (silverfish)

Fried fish (bangus halves, catfish, tilapia)

Escabeche (dalagang bukid, tilapia, cod or halibut)

Paksiw na isda (tuna head, tuna tail, tuna fins)

Kalderetang kambing Pampanga style (chevon meat)

Laing (pork belly and shrimps)

Bicol express (pork belly)

Pinangat (pork and shrimps)

Pinakbet with bagnet

KBL (kadios,baboy and langka)

Dauin Tabios (Pork pata and belly)

Bitsuelas (pork knuckles)

Monggo soup (pork pata)


Short Order Menu

Our Signature Chicken BBQ: Served with papaya pickles, steamed rice topped with fried garlic, chicken fat, grilled Serrano peppers and green onions.

Bacolod inasal

Dumaguete inato

My Silog Specialties (all homemade): Served with garlic fried rice, fried egg, salsa or coleslaw



Daing na Bangus

Beef tapa

Corned beef


Sizzling bulalo (served with sweet corn, carrot and potato fingers, button mushrooms

Sizzling Sisig Bangus

Sizzling fried bangus

Sizzling squid

Crispy pata (pork hock)

Kinilaw (tuna)

Inihaw na panga (tuna collar)

Lumpia shanghai

Whole fried chicken (Max’s style)

Sweet and sour pork

Buttered battered fried chicken

Arroz Bacalao

Sate babe (Bob’s style)

Camaron rebosado



BBQ Skewers

Ox tongue

Beef sirloin

Pork belly

Pork ears

Pork intestines

Pork tenderloin

Chicken liver, heart gizzard, intestines, butt, feet

Pasalubong (homemade)

Spanish sardines (bangus)


Cebu chorizo

Dumaguete sweet and spicy chorizo


Tocino (pork and chicken)

Beef tapa

Tinapang bangus

Smoked salmon flakes in olive oil

Bakery and Patisserie

Adobo roll

Ensaymada (butter, ube, custard)


Whole-wheat pandesal

Spanish bread

Cheese bread

Jelly roll

Custard chiffon

Brazo de Mercedes


Bacolod Napoleones

Siopao (pork asado)

Siomai (ground pork and shrimps)


Trying out the newly opened Shiki Seafood Buffet

I got invited to a despidida luncheon for a good friend who is going back to the motherland after a month of vacation here in Los Angeles. The restaurant is called the Shiki Seafood Buffet and it just opened a couple of weeks ago. Everything is brand new and interior reminds me of a Las Vegas casino buffet, I was impressed. The food was Ok, I wrote my feedbacks at the end of this video. All together it was good experience and I love that they have an ice cream scooping station and you can have your fill of unlimited ice cream of more than a dozen flavors! thats a four star for this establishment! 🙂

How to Make Monay Bread

My first YouTube breadmaking video. This is an old video I took last year but only uploaded now. I try to make bread baking as easy and less intimidating as possible so I took out baking terminologies and try to describe the process in words easily understood. Whats important is that viewers are able to follow the process and successfully bake bread and enjoy it. I will work hard to come up with good quality content and well edited videos in the days to come so please bear with the imperfections you may encounter. Thank you and have a good day! 🙂


Here’s a very easy to follow Pinakbet dish with Mexican chicharon. As always, do the mis en place first before starting. Combine all the cut up and chopped veggies and soak in cold water. Reserve two cups of the liquid to add to the sautéed meat. Since we are using bagoong and patis, omit the salt. This dish is so easy to make but very tasty even non-Filipinos love it. Make sure the squash is cooked almost mushy to thicken the sauce but too much as to overcook the ampalaya.