Kuya Macky Butter and Cheese Ensaymada

Butter and Cheese Ensaymada
This is the regular classic butter and cheese ensaymada using Tillamook butter and cheese.  $2.50 each for a minimum order of 1 box at 20 pcs/ box or $50.00
melted ensaymada
The classic butter and cheese ensaymada is best served warm. Microwave for 15-20 seconds to melt the butter and cheese toppings and to activate the butter in the bread to make it fluffy and soft.

Saisai and Tonton Couple Shoot in Ventura

My favorite couple Sai and Ton asked me to tag along in their Pacific Coast Highway roadtrip and I decided to bring my camera to document a love story made in California. This adorable couple who are newlywed are just so inlove and so smitten with each other that they need no coaxing when asked to pose and express their love for each other infront of the camera.