Shrimp and Grits at the Undergrind Cafe

My ultimate comfort food! Today I was asked to vacate my room as the pesticide peopleundergrind cafe.jpg are coming to do their thing and it will be four hours before I can safely come back in. I immediately though of whiling away my time here at my new hangout place, The Undergrind Cafe, just a block away from my house along Robertson Boulevard. This is my fifth time here and the

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second time I am having this amazing shrimp porridge called shrimp and grits. It just hits the spot and I counted eight jumbo shrimps in this big bowl of ground corn heaven. This is a southern cuisine so the familiar taste of Cajun seasoning is present and thats what make this so appealing to me as I love anything and everything Louisiana be it Cajun or Creole. To know more of the origins of shrimp and grits click here  <—-





The New Dumaguete Chorizo

Here is the final stage of the curing process that I used in making this chorizo. I am now calling it Dumaguete Chorizo since I have modified the original recipe and added some flavors distinct from the Cebu Chorizo. I hope non-Filipinos will learn to like this flavor which is totally different from the Mexican chorizo in taste and texture. This chorizo is not too sweet, balanced with a little bit of saltiness and the aftertaste of half dozen spices lingers in your mouth and the pleasant aroma of hickory smoke. The comments from those who have tasted it is just so encouraging and so I will be making more in the days to come as well as make other variations in meat and spices and the curing process.