How to Make Monay Bread

My first YouTube breadmaking video. This is an old video I took last year but only uploaded now. I try to make bread baking as easy and less intimidating as possible so I took out baking terminologies and try to describe the process in words easily understood. Whats important is that viewers are able to follow the process and successfully bake bread and enjoy it. I will work hard to come up with good quality content and well edited videos in the days to come so please bear with the imperfections you may encounter. Thank you and have a good day! 🙂



Here’s a very easy to follow Pinakbet dish with Mexican chicharon. As always, do the mis en place first before starting. Combine all the cut up and chopped veggies and soak in cold water. Reserve two cups of the liquid to add to the sautéed meat. Since we are using bagoong and patis, omit the salt. This dish is so easy to make but very tasty even non-Filipinos love it. Make sure the squash is cooked almost mushy to thicken the sauce but too much as to overcook the ampalaya.


I did it again! I finished my 6th LA Marathon and finished my first Conqur LA Challenge and got another medal for that. The Conqur LA Challenge medal is given after finishing three of their races namely, the Santa Monica 10K Classic, The Pasadena Half Marathon and the LA Marathon. I will keep running and finishing races only to help out this wonderful organization called the Asian American Drug Abuse Program, Inc. You know that the money you raise is put to good use after seeing young kids, adults and returning veterans have their lives transformed after going through their numerous programs like drug rehabilitation, employment assistance and many more. I am sharing the honor of this finish with my run buddy Honey Cabrera, who unfortunately need to quit at the 15th mile to avoid injury and to Andrew Capili who ran the Santa Monica Classic for me. And most of all to my supporters who donated money through my Crowdrise fundraiser page and I got to raise a total of $545. To Ate Ebie Lasola, Kuya Eddie Tagle, My brother, Atty. Samuel Hiponia, My beautiful niece, Jorden Joy, My sister, Virginia Majeed, My bueatiful and gorgeous nurse friends, Ate Joji Kaindoy Amparo and Aileen Delmo, My drop dead gorgeous former coworker, Melissa Alvarez and a very generous person who wants to remain anonymous, thank you so much! Until next year 🙂

The 2018 LA Marathon. My 6th and definitely not the last.

On March 18, Sunday, I will once again participate in one of the the largest marathon in the USA. With a yearly participation of over 25,000, it is now the 5th largest in all of the United States. Marathons are a favorite platform for non-profits to raise money.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 1.27.55 PM
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And this year, as in the past six marathon that I have participated in, I will be running under the Team AMP or the Asian American Drug Abuse Program Marathon Program. Team AMP is an official charity organization of the LA Marathon. Since its inception in 2012, I have raised approximately $7,000 for this organization and I will continue to do so as long as I am able to. I love this organization and what it do for the community. If you wish to support me and this organization in this run, please visit my Crowdrise fundaraising page and make a donation. Click on this link —->

Sharing this Article from Eater DC.

A Guide to D.C.’s Thriving Filipino Restaurant Scene

Bistro_1521_VA_squid.0Lumpia and adobo are more common than ever — finally

Evolving attitudes about Filipino cooking in D.C., both by local diners now routinely seeking out sizzling sisig and purple yam-based desserts as well as Asian chefs excited about sharing their culinary traditions, have propelled Pinoy food from strip mall treat to nationwide dining sensation.

When Eater compiled its previous guide to Filipino dining, there wasn’t a single restaurant dedicated to the Southeast Asian cuisine located inside the District. But the local hospitality scene has changed significantly in just a few years — so much so that Filipino kitchens have attracted attention from national media, with more high-profile restaurants still on the way — thanks to a growing wave of chefs and restaurateurs working to push the culinary boundaries behind staples such as crispy lumpia or zesty adobo.

Why are so many Filipino restaurants opening right now? Perhaps the question should be: Why weren’t there more Filipino restaurants around before?

The D.C. area has long had a significant community of Filipino immigrants. Rita Cacas, an archivist dedicated to preserving the history of Filipino-Americans in the area, credits the modern Filipino food boom in part to changing generational attitudes. A native Washingtonian whose father left the Philippines for the United States in 1929, Cacas remembers a Georgetown restaurant called Manila.

“It was a fancy white tablecloth restaurant, and my mother would always say, ‘It’s not good — it’s too fancy!’” she says. … on the first image above to read the whole article 

My YouTube Channel Bumper Video

I was trying to come up with a 30 second bumper video for my Youtube channel but this was all I managed to create. I need to gather more materials, footages and scenes of LA especially the food places and food stores, cooked food and food products to make it more catchy and interesting. Somebody also suggested to change the Channel name to make it more catchy and immediately give viewers an idea what the channel is all about. So, as they say in Tagalog, abangan ang susunod na kabanata 🙂 #workingonitdude 🙂

Shrimp and Grits at the Undergrind Cafe

My ultimate comfort food! Today I was asked to vacate my room as the pesticide peopleundergrind cafe.jpg are coming to do their thing and it will be four hours before I can safely come back in. I immediately though of whiling away my time here at my new hangout place, The Undergrind Cafe, just a block away from my house along Robertson Boulevard. This is my fifth time here and the

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 12.30.16 PM
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second time I am having this amazing shrimp porridge called shrimp and grits. It just hits the spot and I counted eight jumbo shrimps in this big bowl of ground corn heaven. This is a southern cuisine so the familiar taste of Cajun seasoning is present and thats what make this so appealing to me as I love anything and everything Louisiana be it Cajun or Creole. To know more of the origins of shrimp and grits click here  <—-